Business Management

At Deans and Associates we provide the full range of business management services fom cashflow forecasting through to budgeting, key performance indicators (KPIs) and business planning.

Cashflow Forecasting and Monitoring

Because profits don't pay bills - cash does.

Have you ever wondered if you are holding too much inventory? Is this the right time to expand your business? Are you going to have enough cash to pay all expenses every month?

Cashflow forecasting is a vital part of ensuring your business will always have the cash it needs.

We can provide you with accurate, timely and informative cashflow forecasting reports. These reports will enable you to:

  • Realise and understand when cash is available
  • Plan and prepare for expansion, stock control and taxes
  • Analyse and anticipate key expenses

In addition, we will closely monitor your business and its cashflow and provide regular feedback. Armed with all this information, we will work with you to develop business strategies to improve your bottom line.


A good budget is a necessity. It is one of the best business tools we have, allowing us to set financial targets and measure our performance.

The techniques we utilise in the formation of financial projections will allow you to consider future scenarios and give you goals to strive for in your business.

In addition to the 'value' of setting goals, budgets will often improve your chances of acquiring funding, as financiers often require budget forecasts as a prerequisite for funding approval.

There are many types of budgets and we can help you design the right budget to meet your needs. Let us show you how a budget and a casflow forecast are able to provide feedback to allow you to prepare for the future of your business.

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

Have you ever wondered what your gross profit percentage means? How does it compare across the board? What other calculations can help you understand how your business is performing?

We can provide you with accurate, timely and informative KPI reports. These will allow you to:

  • See how your figures interrelate and affect each other
  • Analyse where you might be spending too much
  • Understand whether your business is running efficiently

Armed with this information, we can work with you to develop action strategies to improve your bottom line.

Business Monitoring and Development

Sometimes businesses need some focused and dedicated expertise to help improve their current sales, profitability and/or identified business activity. At Deans and Associates we provide a business monitoring and development service, customised and tailored to meet our clients' individual requirements.

We can assist you with improving all aspects of your business including:

  • Setting new strategic business goals
  • Developing a focused business plan
  • Increasing sales to existing and new markets
  • Improving profitability factors and determining new cost-effective solutions
  • Staff recruitment, performance and reward programmes

By engaging our services we can bring significant hands-on experience to your business. We will partner with you to identify key tasks and activities, keep you motivated and on course, and most importantly provide you with our impartial and specialist business expertise.

So talk to us today about your requirements.