Specialist Business Services

AtDeans and Associates we provide an extensive range of specialist business services, specifically tailored to meet our client's individual requirements. This includes Company Secretary services, Rental Properties, Estate Planning, Insolvency and Charitable Trusts.

Rental Property

We have extensive experience in residential and commercial property advice.

The services we offer our clients include:

  • Advice on ownership structure. (including the formation of Look Through Companies (LTCs).
  • Advice on the purchasing of a property.
  • Reviews of lease agreements.
  • Advice on funding.
  • Guidance in tax minimisation.
  • Advice on ownership structure.


The key to avoiding insolvency is to seek professional help as soon as the first signs of difficulty appear.

The experienced professionals atDeans and Associates are able to assist in identifying problem areas, and suggest solutions to improve the position of the company. Timely and expert advice may be able to save your business from liquidation or receivership.

Receivership entails someone being appointed to raise funds within the company to repay a financer. In the case where so many of the company assets are sold and it is unable to continue daily business, liquidation may be necessary. A liquidator disposes of all the assets of the company and repays creditors. Upon liquidation the company ceases to exist.

In the event that liquidation or receivership is necessary,Deans and Associates has the experience and skills to guide through this process. If your business is struggling under financial and operational difficulties, proactive and insightful action is vital for avoidance or minimisation of the ramifications.

Family Trusts

As unpleasant as the task is, estate planning is one of the necessities in life. It allows peace of mind knowing your hard earned assets will be dealt with in the manner you choose.

The executor and trustee of a Will is required to perform a number of duties. At Deans and Associates we are experienced in estate planning, and can guarantee the succession plan for your assets will be upheld.

The areas in estate administration we are able to assist with include:

  • Meeting to discuss objectives for your estate.
  • Confirming assets - valuations, inventories, appraisals.
  • Court approval for a grant of administration.
  • Documentation involved in estate planning.
  • Protecting the assets.
  • Paying taxes and debts.
  • Estate distribution.
  • Administration Act 1969.

Company Administration

Company legislation requires businesses to perform many administration tasks that take up a lot of valuable company time. The last thing you need as a business owner is to be stressed out trying to ensure you are complying with the Companies Act 1993. The possible threat of penalties for failing to keep up with the changing rules is too great a risk to take. AtDeans and Associates we are able to relieve you of this burden.

Our services include:

  • General advice on company law.
  • Company formations including Look Through Companies (LTCs).
  • Filing ofAnnual Returns to the Companies Office
  • Preparation of all documentation related to minutes and resolutions.
  • Maintenance of statutory books.
  • Assistance in changes of directors, shareholders, addresses, and office details.
  • Bonus Issues.
  • Share transfers.
  • Registered Office Facility.

For further information on how we can help you with any aspect relating to Company formations and administration pleasecontact us.

Corporate Rescue Strategies

At Deans and Associates, we understand that businesses are often placed at risk by the rapid changes taking place in todays world. Even businesses that have been very successful in the past are subject to this phenomenon.

In many cases, companies find that there are limited opportunities to set aside daily work demands and attend to changes that must be made for the company to remain competitive.

Through the involvement of an effective third party, challenges often become clearer, making remedial action easier to action.

Deans and Associates has successfully assisted many companies in need of rescue. Using our experience, proven ability and knowledge, we can take the pain out of such a predicament.

Deans and Associates has a very good reputation with:

  • Business restructuring
  • Advisory services in the cases of financial hardship
  • Schemes of arrangement